Trophy Husband 2016

by Trophy Husband

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Recorded in December 2016 in Kalamazoo Michigan by Matthew Willsea, except "Snowglobe," recorded in 2014 by Hannah Bergen.

Homemade CD-Rs with insert and cover artwork by Peter Morris, Jessica Zartman, and Matt Willsea, available for FREE if you let us know that you want one!

Long live LOVE & CHRISTMAS! <3


released December 21, 2016

Cinnamon Rolls:
- written by Peter Morris
Peter Morris - guitar, snare drum, vocals
Jessica Zartman - back-up vocals
Preston Fergon - bass
Matt Willsea - snare drum

Away In A Manger:
- traditional
Matt Willsea - guitar, banjo, shaker, vocals

New Winter:
- written by Jake Maxwell and Peter Morris
Jake Maxwell - guitar, percussion, saxophone, vocals, choir vocals
Peter Morris - guitar, vocals, choir vocals
Matt Willsea - electric/acoustic guitars, choir vocals
Preston Fergon - bass, choir vocals
Jessica Zartman - choir vocals

Last Christmas:
- written by George Michael
Matt Willsea - electric/acoustic guitars, vocals
Dakota Rogan - lead/rhythm electric guitars
Chris Peters - bass, distorted vocals

Heavenly Ham:
- written by Chris Peters
Chris Peters - guitars, drums, vocals

Melt Me:
- written by Peter Morris
Peter Morris - electric/acoustic guitars, vocals

- written by Matt Willsea
Matt Willsea - guitars, vocals

With Us:
- written by Peter Morris and Connor Stratton
Peter Morris - electric guitar, vocals
Connor Stratton - acoustic guitar, vocals
Matt Willsea - synth, back-up vocals
Chris Peters - back-up vocals

Froggy Christmas:
- written by Matt Willsea and Sarah Maletta
Matt Willsea - synth, glockenspiel, vocals, frogs
Sarah Maletta - synth, vocals, frogs

O Little Town of Bethlehem:
- traditional
Hannah Bergren - acoustic guitar, vocals
Matt Willsea - electric/acoustic guitars

Christmas Come Too Slow:
- written by Matt Willsea
Matt Willsea - banjos, vocals
Sarah Maletta - vocals

Peters' Family Dedication:
- written by Chris Peters
Chris Peters - vocals
Walter-Levi Wawra - guitar
Matt Willsea - guitar
Connor Stratton - glockenspiel

Snow Globe:
- written by Hannah Bergren
Hannah Bergren - all instruments, vocals
Chris Peters - back-up vocals



all rights reserved


Trophy Husband Kalamazoo, Michigan

Trophy Husband is a musical collective that was created by Christopher Peters, Walter-Levi Wawra, and Matthew Willsea by a campfire in the woods in Hesperia, MI on Labor Day Weekend in 2013.

Trophy Husband now includes, but is not limited to:
Dakota Rogan
Alexander K Doornbos
Connor Stratton
Preston Fergon
Peter Morris
Jessica Zartman
Sarah Maletta
Jacob Maxwell
Ian F Norlin
Cameron Ludy
... more

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Track Name: Cinnamon Rolls
It's Christmas time and the Christmas lights in my room finally make some sense
Put on my boots so the snow doesn't soak through my shoes like it usually does
I wish I could have worn them all year long

When I was four my mom made some cinnamon rolls and I really liked it
It was Christmas morning and I asked if it could be our tradition
Now I get to eat them every year

And on this day we remember a baby who was born in some stinky gross hay
The wise men walked so far and they probably felt pretty darn insane
They believed in their heart and they walked so far unashamed
Now all of our slates have been wiped clean

I like to think that our hearts look just like the snow
Track Name: New Winter
Wishing I could see some snow
The way it makes those pine trees glow

Stepped out of my truck into the dirt
Wishing the cold would burn my skin

Cuz if your skin was like the winter, baby
I could warm you once again

I haven't seen you since September
But that's probably good for me

In the living room this winter
A lump of coal under the tree, for you and me

Winter has a way of turning things around
Track Name: Heavenly Ham
Well I smell heavenly ham
And I sure see Sam
It's good to see him back at my parents house
I'm having a good time
You can bet on that

Me and my brother
We always have a good time
Whether it's playing board games or singing and rhyming
Christmas carols are the best
My mom always making chicken breast
It's the best

Every time he comes back
My life is blessed
That's a fact
And I have such a loving family
It's a miracle we're gonna meet by the Christmas tree

Let's not forget about the presents under the tree
Can't you see?
Track Name: Melt Me
I am waiting for the year that I don't get a cold
All winter long, cuz I know that day will come
Common cold tries to run my life

I love listening to Sufjan
In my car with the heat on
So hot that it melts my skin

Sometimes it feel like a miracle that I'm still alive
Eating Christmas cookies at my Aunt Debbie's house

There's joy in my eyes when I see the Christmas lights
And the lights in the street, they light up our feet
We can see our footprints in the snow

And I know that you're there with me all the way to my car
And I have to make the walk to my car
And it's cold
And I can't feel my feet
And I know that you're there
I know that you're with me
And I can't feel my hands
I can't unlock my car
But I see that you're there in my house with my keys in your hands
With your arms on my back with your hands in my hair
And your mom she hasn't called back
Since I told her you're gone
I don't know where you've been
And there's snow on the road
And some cars slid right off
Into a big, old ditch
And I see the tire marks in the building of the hand

In my car with your hands on my back
And I know that you're there
Even though I am too cold
Track Name: Glittering
I would love to hold your hand on Christmas Eve
Driving home from work, I see trees glittering
They remind me of you
Track Name: With Us
I'd buy you a present if you'd buy me a present
I left the wrapping paper all over the floor
I left all of my dishes in a pile in the sink
You know I'm not hesitant to be so selfish
It's so easy to be someone I don't like
It's easy to be someone I don't like

Immanuel, I need your help
Immanuel is with us
Track Name: Froggy Christmas
Croak, croak, croak
Christmas tree
Croak, croak, croak
Christmas glee!
Croak, croak, croak
You and me
Croak, croak, croak
On Christmas Eve!

I'm in love with Christmas and you!

Croak, croak, croak
Christmas time
Croak, croak, croak
Sing and rhyme!
Croak, croak, croak
Sparkly snow
Croak, croak, croak

I'm in love with Christmas and-
Froggy Christmas!
I'm in love with Christmas and-
Froggy Christmas!
I'm in love with Christmas and you!
Track Name: Christmas Come Too Slow
Streetlights in the snow
Sparkly, sparkly snow
Shopping all alone
Christmas come too slow

Driving in the snow
Slip and slide around
Try to take it slow
Christmas come too slow

I love hot cocoa
Drink with marshmallows
As the fire goes
Christmas come too slow
Track Name: Peters' Family Dedication
It's Christmas time
And I want to dedicate to my dad
There's been so many good times we've had
So many laughs

All the presents you gave me and Sam
Thank you very much for working hard at your job
And thanks not for robbing

You're such an honest guy and I look up to you
Thank you dad, I wanna actually be you, in a way

No disrespect to mom
You made the best egg casserole
I'm really thankful for those cinnamon rolls that you had made and iced to perfection

With no correction, me and Sam grew into two very happy men
And great parents, you put up with me

Thank you for always getting a Christmas tree
Even if it was fake, it still meant a lot to see all of the ornaments hanging there in the lights at night or in the day
I'd see the train track going down around the tree

And that's why I want to thank you, Mom and Dad
For the great Christmas times that we've had

I love eating lobster
I love that that's our tradition
I don't think that it'll ever go away cuz of the butter that comes with it
I love dunking the crab legs in the butter, dousing it up and just taking a big bite
I know Sam can relate, too
Thank you
Track Name: Snow Globe
I feel it down in my bones
The world is cold and I'm inside a snow globe

So warm me up with a single cup of coffee
Listen to music by the fire's glow
You've got bright eyes and I've got daisies beside me
A wool sweater and a little mistletoe

My skin is cracking
The cold is rushing in
And I'm inside the snow globe
Yeah the snow globe
Yeah the snow globe

So warm me up with a single cup of coffee
Listen to music by the fire's glow
You've got bright eyes and I've got daisies beside me
A wool sweater and a little mistletoe