The Essence of Christmas

by Trophy Husband

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Trophy Husband's 3rd annual Christmas album!


released December 19, 2015

Color of Friendship
Walter Wawra: guitar, oohs
Connor Stratton: guitar, oohs
Chris Peters: vocals
Matt Willsea: percussion

It Kinda Hurts, But I Think That's Good
Chris Peters: acoustic guitar, vocals
Matt Willsea: electric guitar, bass, percussion
Alex Doornbos: percussion

Isn't There Anyone?
Chris Peters: Didgeridoo, Samples

Where's The Light?
Jake Maxwell: guitars, gang vocals
Ian Norlin: bells, gang vocals
Chris Peters: beats, gang vocals
Alex Doornbos: gang vocals
Matt Willsea: vocals

Ol' Dirt Road
Connor Stratton: guitar
Matt Willsea: banjo, percussion
Chris Peters: percussion
Walter Wawra: vocals

I'll Be Home For Christmas (Bing Crosby)
Walter Wawra: guitar, vocals
Chris Peters: vocals
Matt Wilsea: harmonica, percussion
Dakota Rogan: guitar

Cotton Candy
Connor Stratton: guitar, oohs
Walter Wawra: guitar oohs
Chris Peters: vocals

Recorded and Mixed by Matt Willsea

We can't wait for next Christmas!

Don't reduce your holiday spirit!



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Trophy Husband Kalamazoo, Michigan

Trophy Husband is a musical collective that was created by Christopher Peters, Walter-Levi Wawra, and Matthew Willsea by a campfire in the woods in Hesperia, MI on Labor Day Weekend in 2013.

Trophy Husband now includes, but is not limited to:
Dakota Rogan
Alexander K Doornbos
Connor Stratton
Preston Fergon
Peter Morris
Jessica Zartman
Sarah Maletta
Jacob Maxwell
Ian F Norlin
Cameron Ludy
... more

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Track Name: Color of Friendship
It's Christmastime, it's really bright
There's lots of lights, there's lots of love
I see you by the fireplace
and I am just amazed at how I feel
You're in this place
I don't know how long it's been
But I can tell you that you're my friend
And I don't care if you got me a gift
Cuz it's your presence I miss

Red and Green, Green and Red
These are the colors running through my head
Green and Red, Red and Green
I need to show you just how much you mean to me

And I'm so glad you're back
In this place
I can tell you it's been way too long
Since I've seen your face
Let's go to the north pole
Let's ride some reindeer around
Let's Ice skate
Let's try some hot chocolate flavors we've never heard about
Peppermint would be nice, but I'm thinking more raspberry bark

Green and Red is all I see, naturally
They remind me of how much you mean to me

Then we came down from the North Pole
We were both pretty cold
Then I reminded you of that space heater you own
I think you actually own three
So we plug all three of them in
The temperature of our room increased
And I love you
And I always will
Track Name: It Kinda Hurts, But I Think That's Good
It's Christmastime
I lost my mind again
I'm stuck in this parking lot
And these waves crash right down

I didn't really know it would be this hard
To not be silent
Track Name: Where's The Light?!
Wait a minute.
Is it really what I think it is?
Where's the light?
Are we really?

Paradise is lost,
The Baby will go to the cross!
Track Name: Ol' Dirt Road
Ol' Dirt Road
Take me home
Ol' Dirt Road
Take my weary heart home

Back to where I belong
With my wife and my kids and my dog
Ol' Dirt Road
won't you take me home

Ol' Dirt Road
You have been travelled so long
I'm getting weary this morning
But I've got some coffee to keep me going

Ol' Dirt Road
I've been weary traveling you so long
Won't you take me on home
Take me on home
Track Name: Cotton Candy
The snow falls down
We are on the sleigh around town
But you wouldn't let drive the sleigh
That's why we rode off into the hay

There's a big grandfather clock
With a bunch of snow on top
There's a Christmas shop called Bronner's
You and I would go there
We would buy cotton candy and put it in our hair

You and I, this Christmastime
Drinking the finest of the finest, finest, finest, fine, fine eggnog

Now I'm burning all of my logs on the fire
It's keeping me warm just like my desire
To be with you
You're my Christmas girlfriend
My Christmas girlfriend, don't you know?
We can be together, not in the snow